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A New Creative Adventure Awaits


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LIVE interactive weekly lessons with a qualified teacher!

Do you love music and are you interested in the production of music and its associated technology? Do you want a career in music production? If yes, then this is a course you should definitely consider.

This qualification is approved by DfE in the 2018 & 2019 Key Stage 4 Performance Tables.

This qualification is aimed at 14-16 year olds with an interest in music production and recording and is designed to sit alongside GCSEs in the Key Stage 4 curriculum. It is a vocational qualification equivalent to GCSE at grades A*-C.

The Teacher

Hello. I am Head of Music at Cambridge Home School. I am an Oxford University Music graduate with 13 years of tutoring and classroom experience. I have taught Music to countless numbers of students it in all of its various manifestations: Academic Music (up to A Level), Performance (Saxophone, Piano, Jazz, and Improvisation), Music Theory, Musical Analysis, Aural Skills, etc. In addition to my specialisms of Analysis and Composition, I am also a professional saxophonist and have performed in famous venues worldwide with many renowned musicians. This wide-ranging experience serves well for delivering instruction in all aspects of the GCSE music course – performing, composing, and appraising.

Course Overview

  • Entry Requirements: 10 years or over, No previous music qualifications required. Enthusiastic beginner are welcome!
  • Programme 2 years:available all year around – enroling now. Intensive one year course also available – see fees below.
  • Requirements:broadband connection / Instrument or other means of performance (sequencer, decks, etc.). Means of recording performances (the recording function on smart phones/tablets should suffice but a microphone or recording device would be even better). Means of recording composition e.g. manuscript paper, music software (notation software / DAW / sequencer, etc.), audio recording accompanied by written account
  • Progression: to A Level Music/Level 3 Diploma in Music Technology
  • Accreditation: NCFE
  • Tuition:Face to face, one to one – unlimited

How It Works

Students receive access to their own online studio where they can work through their course. Units and assignments are listed along with supporting resources, video tutorials for skills development, step by step guides etc. Audio, video and Word files of students’ completed work are uploaded to their college e portfolio for assessment and constructive, friendly written feedback on how to progress. Additionally students are invited to attend optional LIVE interactive online lessons at timetabled times. If students can’t make the lessons they can watch them in their own time so they won’t miss any of the course content. The fully qualified and experienced school music teacher is available for feedback via email and messager. Students are invited to discuss their progress and receive face to face verbal feedback, encouragement and support. Students may also benefit from relationships with their fellow online students as they can view profiles and comment on each others’ art work if they wish.


Homework will be given each lesson, and will usually consist of music analysis, composition, and performance practice.


Teacher assessments are continuous during LIVE TAUGHT lessons, monitoring and marking of non-exam assessments, and summative tests.


Parents have 24/7 access to all of their children’s coursework.

Structure Of The Course

Mandatory units:

  • Sound Creation
  • Using a Digital Audio Workstation
  • Studio Recording
  • Creating Music


Standard Two Year course just £34.99 GBP x 20 months or single payment of £699 GBP- $927 USD – same fee for international students.
Intensive One Year course just £99.99 x 10 months or single payment of £999 GBP- $1325 USD – same fee for international students.

Apply now