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Art and Music have always been among the most popular subjects in schools and it is no fun having to deny pupils the opportunity to study them – now you don’t have to.
All schools understand the value of the arts in balancing the overly academic curriculum but how do you do it when there is barely enough money to offer the basics? How can you offer a broad and balanced curriculum including Art, Music, Photography, Design if you can’t afford at least four teacher’s salaries? The schools we work with have expressed this dilemma and many pupils turn to us because their school simply can’t offer arts education.


More and more schools are turning to OCAD

The answer for many schools is to enrol their students on to our online courses and use a learning support assistant or non-specialist teacher to monitor and supervise their progress. We know this is not the same as a specialist art or music teacher but it is the next best thing. Our specialist teachers are experts in delivering high quality arts lessons that ensure students attain high grades and passes. We do the teaching, your school gets the results!


Your pupils have the opportunities to progress on to University and the booming creative industries which contributed 1.3 million jobs in 2018 and over £100 billion to the UK economy!


Mental Health and wellbeing

OCAD can contribute to your school’s results for sure but also to the wellbeing, mental health and morale of your pupils. Creative pupils are taught how to express their ideas and feelings in powerfully symbolic forms. This catharsis releases the stress and anxiety that can contribute to all of the negative behaviours and consequences schools devote huge resources and manpower desperately trying to resolve – prevention is better (less painful, less destructive and less expensive) than cure of course.


How does it work?

All of our courses have timetabled LIVE interactive classes and these classes are video-recorded and can be accessed at any time. If your school timetable can accommodate our timetable then your pupils can attend the LIVE interactive classes. If not they can watch back the video-recordings with your classroom assistant and produce the coursework under their supervision – both options work very well. Our experience since 2002 suggests that results depend more on the quality and enthusiasm of the learning support assistant and the motivation of the pupils to succeed than the LIVE or recorded options.

Our expert teachers will do all of the teaching, marking and feeding back. They will also submit final portfolios to the examination boards online and prepare pupils fully for examinations which can be sat at your school or at a local examination centre.


Your learning support assistant will supervise pupils, ensure all coursework is completed to the OCAD specification and submitted online for marking and feedback by OCAD.


You will need a room with a computer connected to a screen (interactive whiteboard or just a projector and white screen/board. In the LIVE classes the learning support assistant can relay any questions from the class to the OCAD specialist teacher and the group can see and hear the responses. Many pupils attend OCAD live classes and so most if not all questions are asked by pupils all over the world. This means that if your pupils can’t attend the LIVE interactive classes their questions will, in all probability, have been asked by other pupils and answered by the teacher on the recordings. OCAD teachers can be messaged outside of lessons if any queries remain.


You can download grades and feedback reports for all pupils at any time – day or night!


How do we get started?

To get started simply email us a list of pupils and the courses they wish to study and we’ll enrol them and send you their usernames and passwords to our learning portal, that’s it!


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