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A New Creative Adventure Awaits

Home Sculpture

Making your dreams come true since 2002


Learn to sculpt with this fun and transformative sculpture course. You will surprise yourself and your family and friends with the wonderful sculpture you will make on this course. One to one face to face tutor support will ensure you realise your potential.

You get your own personal expert highly qualified tutor to discuss your art work with as it develops. You get unlimited one to one, face to face tuition via the internet at times that suit you. You get an expert eye and a criticsl friend to tell you if it really is good.
There is no limit to what you could achieve!


You will explore new skills, new materials, new techniques and an emerging you. At OCAD we have seen over the years how making sculpture has the power to reveal ourselves in our work. One of the wonderful parts of teaching sculpture is to see this emergence of the self through three dimensional story telling and its evocations. For students it often means letting go of some deep anxieties or the expression of powerful signifiers which reveal or reacquaint us with new or forgotten aspects of who we are. This catharsis is a form of meditation and artists report how they feel freed, reinvigorated even reborn by this course. Take this course. You won’t forget it ever and it is good for you!

‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’ Pablo Picasso 1881 -1973′

Course Overview

  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Specialisms: ceramic, wire, clay, stone, mixed media, your way
  • Entry Requirements: 16 years or over – No previous art or design qualifications required. Love of sculpture or desire to learn.
  • Part-time programmes:available all year around – limited places – enroling now
  • Requirements:broadband connection / art materials
  • Progression: to Foundation Diploma in Art & Design
  • Accreditation:OCAD Certificate or get your work accredited for additional £100 (Ofqual Code 501/2278/2)
  • Tuition:Unlimited face to face, one to one or written feedback
  • Includes FREE optional access to all OCAD Weekly ONLINE FUN Classes! WORTH £180! More classes being added soon so check back to see.
    Or like us so we can let you know.

How It Works

Students receive access to their own online studio where they can work through their course. Units and assignments are listed along with supporting resources, video tutorials for skills development, step by step guides etc. Photographs of students’ completed work are uploaded to their college e portfolio for assessment and constructive, friendly written feedback on how to progress. Additionally students are invited to discuss with an experienced and qualified personal tutor their progress and receive face to face verbal feedback, encouragement and support. Students may also benefit from relationships with their fellow online students as they can view profiles and comment on each others’ art work if they wish.


Formative as students progress through their course.

Structure Of The Course

This exciting course is designed to ensure you produce a stimulating and rewarding sculpture project (s) which allow you to develop your knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence in expressing your ideas and feelings through sculpture.

Exploratory Stage: This first part of the course takes you through a programme of developing skills in sculpture. You can choose to specialise in any form of sculpture, ceramic, wire, clay, stone, mixed media. Or you can explore all forms to a lesser degree. This stage can be skipped if you are accomplished and confident in drawing.

Pathway Stage: In this second part of the course you will be asked to make a sculpture project which is negotiated with your tutor. To get started you could simply sculpt from memory, direct observation or by intuition, you could make photographs and develop them into drawings and sculpture, you could be inspired by some common themes or you could rework or develop further a piece of existing work (yours or by another artist) with the the guidance and support of an experienced artist tutor.

Common themes include:
“Natural forms’
‘The way I look’
‘My world’
“I Me & Mine”
“Overhead and Underneath’
“Through The Keyhole’
“My Dream World”
“Lost and found”

Confirmatory Stage
In this final stage you work with your tutor to produce a final piece of art work which brings together your strongest ideas from your project.

Formal Assessment (Optional)
If you decide you want your artwork to be assessed by the examination board* to obtain a formal qualification the assessment units are:

1- A/602/6142 Investigating information and developing research techniques – Mandatory Unit

2- K/602/6251 Developing and handling media and materials – Mandatory Unit

3- M/602/6252 Recognising and applying visual language and formal elements within production techniques – Mandatory Unit

4- A/602/6254 Working to set briefs – Mandatory Unit

*There is an additional fee for this


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